Heavy Rains Flood Purification Complex, Mumbai’s Water Supply Disrupted | Bombay News

The water supply to most parts of Mumbai was cut off on Sunday morning as heavy rains flooded the Bhandup water purification complex, forcing the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to shut down filtration plants in Mumbai. water from the complex’s purification center. After draining the standing water, cleaning the system and fixing technical faults throughout Sunday, BMC restarted the city’s water supply for the evening cycle on the same day. Mumbai residents will receive a municipal drinking water supply as usual on Monday morning. However, BMC urged citizens to boil drinking water before using it.

Following heavy rains on Saturday evening, rainwater entered the Bhandup complex, forcing BMC to shut down the water purification system and power supply, as a precaution.

The excess rainwater (rainwater) from the Bhandup complex drains into Lake Vihar. As the lake also overflowed on Sunday morning, it did not accept the stormwater accumulated inside the complex. This stagnant water accumulated and flooded the complex building.

Ajay Rathore, chief engineer of BMC’s hydraulic department, said: “Rainwater has entered the purification system of the drinking water complex. We immediately shut down the system and cut off the power supply as a precaution. We then started to drain the water and clean the system.

As a result, the city of the Island and the western suburbs did not receive a regular municipal supply of drinking water on Sunday morning. The water supply to parts of the eastern suburbs has also been affected.

In a statement released on Sunday evening, BMC said: “The rainwater that entered the Bhandup Aquatic Complex was pumped out on fire and the filtration and pumping system was cleaned up. The necessary repairs were carried out after the factory inspection and the pumps were started in phases. Soon after, the water level in Bhandup’s main reservoir began to rise. Since then, water supplies have been restored to many parts of the city, including the western suburbs and the island city, since [Sunday] evening.”

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