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Another year, another edition of the annual front office trust ranking. How much trust does each fan base place in their front office? This is what we try to uncover each offseason using the wisdom of the crowd to inform the process.

Each front office has its capacity classified into six categories: list building, course management, writing and development, negotiation, free agency and vision.

This is the sixth annual iteration of the list, and it is growing every year. This year, there were almost 17,000 responses for those who voted only for their favorite team and 650 for the whole team poll. The large user base here in each market has been really beneficial in figuring out where the different fan bases fit with much more specificity than the audience could muster on their own. It’s always nice to see the dichotomy between the two judgments, but what fans are saying about their own teams definitely becomes a much bigger focal point.

In total, there were 12 teams with over 500 votes, 24 with over 250 and all but two, Florida and Seattle, had over 150 votes. At these numbers, the confidence interval is generally quite small, although it is also based on the people participating in the survey, the majority of whom are subscribers of The Athletic. It may not be the most accurate reflection of the overall hockey populace, as it is selectively biased in favor of those who are dedicated enough to subscribe (and likely have a more analytical approach). But it should still be close enough to gauge the temperature of the strength of each front office, especially given the degree of subscriber information here.

So what do these knowledgeable front office subscribers think about each team? Here’s how each team ranks.

The responses submitted have been edited for style and clarity.


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