ED questions actor Sachin Joshi in connection with Omkar Developer PMLA affair | Bombay News

The Directorate of Enforcement (ED) questioned Bollywood businessman and actor Sachin Joshi on Saturday in connection with the alleged money laundering case linked to the city’s leading developer, Omkar Developers. The interrogation continued until late at night.

Sources said emergency workers questioned the actor about suspicious currency transactions. However, the anti-money laundering agency did not share details of Joshi’s interrogation or his role, if any, in the case.

Recently, income tax officers raided Joshi’s house in Mumbai, however, the agency did not disclose details of its ongoing investigation.

Joshi, son of Baron Gutkha JM Joshi, was also in the news for purchasing the Kingfisher Villa from fugitive delinquent Vijaya Mallya for 73.01 crores.

Previously, the promoters of the Omkar Group, Babulal Varma, 50, and Kamal Kishore Gupta, 62, were arrested on January 27 under the provisions of the 2002 Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA). The spokesperson for the Omkar group had claimed that the Omkar group did not violate any standards for lending and approving the slums.

The ED investigation has so far revealed that the Omkar Group had taken out huge loans for a project from the Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) and then embezzled the loans to the tune of 410 crores and was not used for its intended purpose.

No work on the SRA building has been undertaken by the promoter. The rules and procedures required under the SRA were ignored by the defendants and documents relating to the names of the slum dwellers were forged to demand more ISPs for mortgaging the same with the banks for taking the loans, had said. ED.

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