Boeing MoU positions Ethiopia as Africa’s aviation hub

Ethiopian Airlines Group has signed a memorandum of understanding with Boeing to position Ethiopia as an aviation hub for Africa within three years. Boeing said it sees Ethiopian Airlines as a global aviation leader on the African continent and wants the partnership to work in four areas of collaboration: industrial development, advanced aviation training, educational partnership and leadership development. Joint multidisciplinary teams have been formed to implement the strategic partnership, and they report that “milestones” have already been reached.

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“I am very pleased not only to sign this historic Memorandum of Understanding with our long-standing aviation partner, Boeing, but also to implement important milestones. We have been working with Boeing on various large scale aviation projects for over 70 years to serve the African continent, and this partnership expands and strengthens our capabilities in multiple areas ”, said Tewolde GebreMariam, CEO of Ethiopian Group Airlines. .

“I have a firm belief that with our dedication in its implementation, the MoU will successfully achieve its goal of positioning Ethiopia as the continent’s aviation hub. We attach great importance to the essential role of our US partner companies in achieving our goals and we will continue to work with key US aviation players such as Boeing, GE, Pratt and Whitney and Collins Aerospace, etc. .

Ethiopian and Boeing aim for the Ethiopian Aviation Academy to be recognized as a global standard for aviation training, while Boeing is committed to developing aviation manufacturing capacity and after-sales service in Ethiopia. Through this MoU, Boeing and Ethiopian hope to improve their ability to compete globally and build a “21st century pipeline” for aviation careers in Ethiopia.

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